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Have you seen the latest video about Brooks-Howell Home? "Putting the Pieces Together" tells the story of Brooks-Howell Home through the experiences and viewpoints of residents. To request a copy, please send your name and address to Brooks-Howell at the address above. A small donation to cover shipping costs is requested.

Residents of Brooks-Howell may be 'retired' but we continue to serve in area ministries such as ABCCM, Howeward Bound, Haywood Street Congregation, Kairos and many others. In addition, residents volunteer many hours for favorite concerns such as accessible health care, animal welfare, earth care and too many others to name. Thousands of hours of service are donated each year.

What makes Brooks-Howell unique? We are a community of deaconesses, home missionaries, missionaries and others who have answered God's call to mission service here and throughout the world.

All of this is made possible by the support of United Methodist Women through their national, regional and local support of Brooks-Howell. Without this teamwork, the retired missionaries, home missionaries, deaconesses, national staff persons and others would not have a safe community from which to live out our motto:

"Called.... Served... Serving Still"

We are thankful to be part of the connection of United Methodist Women. Through the mission giving, cards, prayers and visits from local and national United Methodist Women, we are still able to be a part of this vital missional community.

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UMW RESOURCES - Be sure to check out the resources page with links to Deaconess and Missionary stories and other materials, including a birthday list of Brooks-Howell residents.

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Owned and governed by United Methodist Women, The United Methodist Church, Brooks-Howell Home is open to retirees and staff of the United Methodist Women (formerly Women's Division), missionaries of the former National and World Divisions (now the General Board of Global Ministries) and others approved for residency. A majority of the residents are missionaries and deaconesses.



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